• Fine Dining

    Fine Dining

    WAMM is at the heart of the Montrose dining scene, with award winning chef Chris Shepherd's Georgia James, Mex mecca Hugo's, Da Marco's italian, and just a bit to the south, Spanish gem BCN. We are lucky to walking distance or a short Uber drive to some of the finest dining and mixologists in the city.

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    Casual Restaurants

    WAMM is at the center of an ever-changing array of casual restaurants from breakfast spots like nearby Snooze, burger joints like Shake Shack, local fare spots like Hay Merchant, Lebanese fare (Aladdin), Thai (Nidda), Szechuan (Mala Sichuan), Greek (Niko Niko), barbecue, ramen, and healthy options like Sweetgreens. There are always new to the neighborhood restaurants to try, such as Southern Yankee. WAMM residents enjoy walking, biking, or ride-sharing to other notable nearby spots.

  • Trader Joe's


    We are within 1.5 miles of three Whole Foods, about .5 miles to HEB, just over a mile to Trader Joe's, and just a little further to a Kroger and a Target with a grocery department. 

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    Farmers' Markets

    Adjacent to WAMM there is a small market stand on the St. Thomas University Campus (Roy's Farm Stand) open Saturdays. The largest market, Urban Harvest, is on nearby Buffalo Speedway, close to Westheimer Rd. Montrose Morning Market is just three blocks east of Montrose Blvd., on West Alabama and offers some food and crafts.

  • Mixology-Anvil


    “There are many spots along Westheimer Rd. to grab a beer, enjoy a glass of wine, or indulge in cocktails. On the north side of Westheimer is Anvil, one of the premier spots for craft cocktails in the city.”

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